Modders bring Nvidia Quadro functionality to all GeForces

Modders bring Nvidia Quadro functionality to all GeForces

Thanks to a group of enthusiasts it will finally be possible to enable the virtualization of Nvidia GeForce cards. The functionality, currently exclusive to the top-of-the-range GPUs in the segment that includes workstations and servers, has been unlocked thanks to a simple mod called "vgpu_unlock", allowing you to use this feature on board VGAs belonging to the consumer world.

For those unfamiliar with it, GPU virtualization consists in "distributing" the hardware resources of the card in a virtual manner to a certain number of instances, allowing for example more end users to take advantage of the computing power of a single VGA to perform in parallel different tasks. To make a comparison, the technology is the same used by the GPUs of the GRID series, a product certainly known for those who use the GeForce NOW service provided by Nvidia.

Theoretically, thanks to this implementation, it will be possible to use an RTX 3090 to manage several virtual machines at the same time and be able to play safely on each of them. This could certainly represent a solution to the lack of chips in the market, allowing internet cafes and the like to use a single GPU for several PCs.

The mod specifically is not very complex to make, as it is based solely on a driver change that can alter the PCI device ID. The GPUs capable of supporting this feature are those based on Pascal, Turing and recent Ampere architecture. This new feature, however, will only work on board systems equipped with Linux and is only functional thanks to the well-known virtual machine software KVM. So at least for now, this feature excludes the use of windows as the main operating system, although it can instead be used via VM.

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