Minecraft: recreated the entire first level of Super Mario Bros

Minecraft: recreated the entire first level of Super Mario Bros


Minecraft is the quintessential sandbox, as well as one of the most played and successful video games for over two generations. Released on virtually any platform on the market, the Mojang title continues to amaze fans with its extreme malleability. Every week, in fact, we find ourselves showing you some of the most ingenious and curious creations that come to life within the game, such as what has been done recently by this player.

The great strength of Minecraft is which as a game has managed to enter the favor of many types of gamers. The creator of this work, in fact, is a great lover of the King of the platformers Super Mario Bros, and wanted to pay homage to the Nintendo game by creating the entire first level of the game released on NES within the sandbox. The work of the user known by the nickname of TheBestTomatoKing has been published on Reddit with a video clip that shows us what the boy has managed to do.

Moving slowly to the right, the creator shows us with which cura wanted to recreate the entire first level of Super Mario Bros. From the platforms, to the power-up cubes and up to Mario and the enemies, everything was positioned within the level with pinpoint precision. Although everything remains static, the player has managed to evoke the sensations of the great Nintendo masterpiece very well.

I made the entirety of 1-1 in Minecraft. Should I make all 32 levels? from Minecraft

From what the user du Reddit said, this seems to be just the beginning of his Minecraft project, as he wondered whether to make all 32 levels that make up Super Mario Bros. The welcome from the fans was warm, and certainly there is curiosity in seeing how the more complex levels of the great Nintendo classic will be made.

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Top 5 uses for TNT in Minecraft

TNT was vanilla Minecraft's first and only explosive block. In the early days of the game, players would often create TNT traps to prank other users. It was a great way to frustrate players and have some fun.

Moving past that light-hearted use of the item, players have since used TNT for several things. Minecraft's game mechanics have changed drastically, which has also changed the purpose of many items, including TNT.

Given all the changes, players might face some confusion about the use of this explosive block. This article lists the five chaotic ways TNT can be used in Minecraft.

#1 - Pranking and trapping

The classic use for TNT in Minecraft is to prank and trap players. For so many years, there have been countless YouTube videos of Minecraft players pranking each other.

It's straightforward and simple to use TNT in a prank. All a player has to do is get a little bit of Redstone, a pressure plate, a few blocks of TNT, and wait for their victim to fall into their trap.

Often, players will go into all-out prank wars with TNT and maybe even destroy each other's bases in the process.

#2 - Mob farms and fights

Mob farms are a great way for players to gain XP and loot from mobs. TNT is one of the key components in many mob farms. Mob farms differ in design, and players are creating more farms every day.

Players can also use TNT when fighting against mobs. Minecraft players should make sure they're far from home before engaging in a TNT battle with mobs. Doing so can be an enjoyable way to get loot.

#3 - Canons and TNT flying machines


These days, players are capable of crazy Minecraft contraptions. Two notable ones are canons and TNT flying machines.

Canons can be used to launch TNT on other players. To make a cannon, players need a variety of resources and skills. Click here to learn more about the process of making cannons.

TNT flying machines are a little more complicated. These contraptions require pistons and Redstone. They can be difficult to make, especially in vanilla Minecraft.

Many players on anarchy servers use hacks to make these contraptions to grief other players.

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#4 - Griefing

The best way for players to grief a Minecraft base is with TNT. This method will do a lot of damage to any player's build, whether players make TNT flying machines that automatically drop it from the air or they place it themselves.


On many anarchy servers, TNT is a prime way to grief bases to this day. Minecraft has been updated so much since the TNT introduction, but it remains the most useful explosive block in the game to this day.

#5 - Finding ores

While TNT is not the best way to find ore in Minecraft, it might help. When players go mining, they're likely to find a few rare ores like diamonds, gold, and a ton of common ores like iron and Redstone.

Since players have so much Redstone, it's callous not to use it to find more rare ores. This is where TNT comes in. Players can set TNT Y-levels between 4 and 16. This will blow up the area in an attempt to find diamonds.

This method helps clear out an area and may even drop some diamonds. Players need to use Redstone to ignite the TNT from a distance. As long as the Redstone is touching one TNT block, it should set off the other TNT blocks in the area.

Published 05 Apr 2021, 19:54 IST