Minecraft | Mojang takes sides for social justice with a new project

Minecraft | Mojang takes sides for social justice with a new project

Mojang Studios, the developer of Minecraft, has decided to take the issue of racism and social inequities head on. This was announced by Corporate Vice President Hele Chiang, during a GamesIndustry show linked to the video game industry. However, Chiang did not limit himself to throwing a statement but to a truly biting statement, such as a political and social grip.

Video games and politics, on the other hand, have always been very distant. But now Mojang with Minecraft wants to change things. Chiang admitted that the world is currently dominated by social and racial injustices, there are no such justices and the development team's goal is to take part in the change. "This is a crucial moment for the movement that is fighting for social justice, we are investing in this by supporting some organizations that are concerned with correcting these injustices."

In addition to racism and social discrimination, Minecraft wants to carve out a a leading role also in the fight against global warming. This aspect is also very important for Mojang and their title will play an important role, also thanks to the support of programs such as Coral Crafters by The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund. Concrete actions that will lead to other results in the near future and which we hope can be documented in the correct way.

The conscience of Mojang Studios will perhaps be useful for other development studios. The idea that Minecraft can be a useful tool to combat political issues that have always been important for human survival could easily put video games in the right position to be able to talk about politics in the near future. The road is obviously long but everything, big or small, always starts with a small step and if it is a development team that has sold over 200 million copies that does it, maybe it's even better.

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