Kena Bridge of Spirits: combat and use of Rot explained by the developers

Kena Bridge of Spirits: combat and use of Rot explained by the developers

Kena Bridge of Spirits

Since the first announcement, Kena Bridge of Spirits has been able to impress players thanks to its aesthetics, but also on a playful level it promises a solid game. It will be an action adventure, which will combine platforming, fighting and exploration. Central to the game will be the Rot, the black sprites that have appeared since the first trailer. Now, the developers have explained how the combat system and Rot management will work.

The information comes from a recent interview with GamesRadar. Josh and Mike Grier, co-founders of Ember Lab - the development team - explained that most of the game mechanics are related to the use of Rot. The spirits of Kena Bridge of Spirits are therefore central on a narrative level but also on a playful level and, by creating an ever larger team, it is possible to obtain upgrades and advance in the game.

Here is their statement from the developers of Kena Bridge of Spirits, in translation: "Kena can imbue her skills with the Rots to defeat enemies in unique ways. The Rots can surround enemies, create projectiles, and even create a shape-shifting cloud to punch enemies. Finding new spirits. and growing your Rot team allows you to use more powerful attacks and unlock additional upgrades. By teaming up with the Rot, players can discover the weaknesses of the enemies. In addition, the healing system in combat is also tied to the Rot. find the right balance between attack and heal. "

Kena Bridge of Spirits will be released on PC, PS4 and PSa>5 on August 24th. You can see new gameplay from the Future Games Show.

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Ember Lab shares new details about ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits developer, Ember Lab, has revealed further details about the new PS5 title coming later this year.

In a new interview with GamesRadar, Ember Lab’s co-founders Josh and Mike Grier touched on Kena’s story and characters as well as how next-gen technology will impact the game’s mechanics.

The developers shared information about the game’s protagonist Kena who is a “novice spirit guide searching for a sacred place of knowledge”.

The player will also explore Bridge of Spirit‘s several open regions in a Balinese-inspired fantasy world, uncover secrets and use Kena’s powers to defeat corrupted, animal-like enemies.

In terms of gameplay, Kena can use the Rot (a form of spirit that can be collected by the player throughout the game) to infuse with her abilities to defeat enemies.

“The Rot can swarm attackers, create piercing projectiles, and even form a shape- shifting cloud to pummel enemies,” the developers said. “Finding and growing a larger Rot team enables more powerful attacks and unlocks additional upgrades.”

The player will also be able to strengthen and upgrade Kena’s combat skills and equipment, such as her staff which can be turned into the energy bow.

The developers also shared that they have taken PS5 next-gen technology into consideration, saying that when the player transforms the staff into the bow, the mechanic “takes full advantage of the DualSense adaptive triggers.”

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person action adventure game set to launch on the PS5, PS4 and PC on August 28.