Is Days Gone only single player or multiplayer too?

Is Days Gone only single player or multiplayer too?

With the inclusion of Days Gone in the PlayStation Plus in April, players will have the opportunity to play for free the latest Sony Bend effort, released exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2019 and with a PC version coming in the course of 2021.

Days Gone is a Survival Horror Open World that puts us in the shoes of Deacon St. John, a biker who survives a hostile world by earning a living as a mercenary, taking on dangerous assignments from human settlements scattered across Oregon , in the United States, in exchange for useful resources. But is it a solo adventure or is there some online multiplayer component, whether cooperative or competitive?

Well, Days Gone is a strictly single player adventure that does not include any form of online play. It will be you, alone, who will have to juggle the horrors and dangers of a post-apocalyptic world now definitively lost, in the meantime you recover essential weapons and objects to face the hordes of Furiosi (this is the name of the infected within the game) and the gangs of jackals ready to kill any unfortunate who happens to be in sight in order to steal all the resources and thus survive a few more days.

To learn more, here is the review of Days Gone for PS4. In recent months, rumors have spread about the development of Days Gone 2, with Sony Bend hiring to develop a new Open World.

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