From Germany a project to produce flexible batteries

From Germany a project to produce flexible batteries

In Germany, researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are carrying out an experiment to produce batteries with flexible cells. An important study that would lead to greater management of the shape of the battery pack if flexible elements are validated in the future. Not surprisingly, the battery packs currently available with lithium-ion cells are made with standard shapes and installed on rigid frames.

The project carried out by the German team, and called AgiloBat, is led by Professor Holger Hanselka who clearly expressed how the goal is precisely that of completing the production of batteries that can be adapted to the most varied forms based on specific needs, obtaining great advantages both in terms of performance and efficiency.

Thanks to the experimental work of German researchers, we could therefore have batteries that are perfectly adaptable to different areas of a vehicle, inevitably obtaining advantages relating to the efficiency of the car itself. In fact, according to what was known, the first steps forward were already made last year thanks to the AgiloBat 1 model. Consequently, with the AgiloBat 2, a second phase of the project has already entered which is the basis of the Intelligent Battery Cell Production funded with over 14 million euros.

At the Karlsruhe Research Factory we are developing a flexible production line that can allow us to produce different cells thanks to identical processes. The goal is to use the same robots and the same steps to create products that are different in size, performance and chemical composition, said team leader professor Jurgen Fleischer.

To find out if this technology can be fully used in the automotive sector, we will have to wait for the next tests scheduled for 2022, but we do not exclude that the excellent results can bring the new batteries to the market as early as 2023 by introducing a further innovation of the green car industry.

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