Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Gears of War, confirms a new game in development

Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Gears of War, confirms a new game in development

Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski is making a comeback on the gaming market, it seems, with the creator of Gears of War mentioning his new game in a tweet that is still very vague but that seems to herald more news coming soon.

"And yes, for the record, I'm working on something new and I want you to know that for me every day is an agony not being able to talk about it", said the famous CliffyB in a message entrusted to Twitter, finally adding "Deal with it, I love you". To tell the truth, it is not exactly reported that it is a video game and considering the versatility that has recently emerged for the character in question we cannot take anything for granted.

However, he recently talked about a new video game that apparently "isn't a bloody battle royale", so it could be that. Among the subsequent details, answering questions he also confirmed that the new project "does not include electric saws", apparently, which is one of the iconic features of the Gears of War series.

We look forward to information on this new project, which comes after the failures of LawBreakers and Radical Heights, which led to the closure of the Boss Key studio and Bleszinski to permanently move away from the videogame world to even devote themselves to the production of Broadway musicals.

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Gears Of War Designer Cliff Bleszinski Teases New Project, Doesn't Involve Chainsaws

Veteran game developer Cliff Bleszinski is still cooking up new ideas. The Gears of War designer said on Twitter that the wait to announce the new project has been 'agonizing.'

'And, yes, for the record, I'm working on some new stuff, and you should know every damned day it's agonizing to not talk about it,' he said. 'Deal with it. Love y'all.'

Bleszinski did not elaborate further on the new project, but he confirmed in a reply on Twitter that it doesn't involve chainsaws. This is a reference to the Lancer from Gears of War, which has a chainsaw attached to it; it's synonymous with Gears of War.

Also on Twitter, Bleszinski said he had a Zoom meeting with games industry consultant Rami Ismail about this new project. Ismail replied of the new project, 'It's so good that I need updates.'

Looks like we're going to have to wait a little while longer to find out exactly what Bleszinski is cooking up. After leaving Epic Games, Bleszinski took a break for the gaming industry but returned to start a new studio, Boss Key, which released LawBreakers in 2017. The game struggled to find an audience, and Boss Key would later shut down.

Bleszinski is now writing a memoir about his life and career in gaming, and he's also staying busy with his investments in local Raleigh, North Carolina businesses and in theater. He co-produced the Broadway musical Hadestown, which won eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score.

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