Bungie: is the Destiny developer working on a PvP game?

Bungie: is the Destiny developer working on a PvP game?


Is developer Bungie currently working on a new PvP game? This is at least indicated by a current job posting from the Destiny makers. The team is currently looking, among other things, for a multiplayer systems designer for an unknown project. The corresponding text contains some interesting information.

Among other things, there is talk of the fact that the employee you are looking for should have a great penchant for PvP games. In addition, there should be a fundamental interest in working out designs for games that focus on strategic decisions and a depth for several hundred hours of play. The job description also says:

"As a multiplayer systems designer, you work together with a team to develop prototypes for different game ideas on the way to production. It is also important that you are fun, determined and passionate team dedicated to turning a creative dream into a new brand at Bungie. "

Accordingly, there is explicit talk of a new brand that will be created at Bungie in the near future. This information is not entirely new, as it has been known for some time that the studio is working on at least one new game. The aforementioned PvP project could be related to the cooperation between and Bungie and NetEase, of which very few details are known so far. The studio has not yet issued a statement on this topic.

Source: Bungie

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