Yu-Gi-Oh: Bandai has produced a buildable replica of the Millennium Puzzle

Yu-Gi-Oh: Bandai has produced a buildable replica of the Millennium Puzzle


Bandai has produced an assembled replica of Yugi Mutō's Millennium Puzzle, protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga and anime.

The kit will be released without instructions, but will be easily buildable even for beginners and will contain dozens of pieces that will fit together to form Yugi's necklace. At the moment, this assembled replica is only available on the Japanese market and it seems that Bandai has no intention of exporting it overseas, but there are several services that allow it to be imported into the western territory as well.

「遊 ☆ 戯 ☆ 王」 千年パ ズ ル が 超高 難易 度 プ ラ モ に 、 完成 ま で の 手 順 の 記載 は な し https://t.co/DqMiowQkaz pic.twitter.com/ruzFYASQuF

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The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise is still very active today, thanks above all to the continuous releases of expansions of the trading card game and the new animated series that are produced. Furthermore, the market of merchandising dedicated to him is always constantly updated, with the arrival of ever new collectible pieces (of which the Millennium Puzzle is only the latest in a series).

Currently, that of Yu-Gi-Oh is a very profitable franchise, with global revenues hovering around $ 16 billion, right after everything about Middle-earth and the universe created by Tolkien, and little ahead of Peanuts-related products. .

If you are a historical fan especially of the first legendary Yu-Gi-Oh animated series, you can buy this fantastic set called "The Legendary Decks", containing the three iconic decks that trace the footsteps of Yugi, Kaiba and Joey from the Kingdom of Duels saga to City of Duels. The price is a bit high, but it's definitely worth it, given the collectible value and you can buy it simply by clicking on this link.

Alternatively, if you want to start approaching the trading card game, you can buy these two starter decks that will introduce you to the basics of the game. You can buy Yugi's by simply clicking on this link, or alternatively Kaiba's by clicking on this other link.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Bandai to Release Millennium Puzzle Model Kit

Yu-Gi-Oh might not be at the front of headlines these days, but its fandom is still as loyal as ever. The franchise is thriving in its own ways thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh's trading card game and latest anime. Of course, the show also stays afloat thanks to its ever-growing catalog of merchandise, and Bandai is about to add to that pile in the best of ways.

After all, Bandai is doing what it does best when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh's next piece of merchandise. The company is releasing a simple model kit for the Millennium Puzzle, and the piece will make fans work hard to finish the build. You know, since it will not come with any sort of instructions.

As you can see above, the model kit is a simple sit-and-snap piece, so it is easy enough for beginners. The Millennium Puzzle will be comprised of dozens of pieces that interlock to make Yugi's necklace. The only issue is that there will be zero instructions, so you will have to use the heart of the cards to help guide this Yu-Gi-Oh build.

Currently, Bandai has made no plans to sell this kit overseas, but fans are confident it will be imported before long. The kit is expected to cost about $35 USD in Japan, so you might be able to find a re-ship service if you're desperate to nab this model kit. And if you want a taste of how this product works, Bandai has several sit-and-snap kits available stateside for Pokemon, Dragon Ball, and more.

What do you make of this latest model kit? Do you want other Yu-Gi-Oh replicas to join this collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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