Xbox Series X | S: 5 Bethesda games improve frame rate

Xbox Series X | S: 5 Bethesda games improve frame rate

Xbox Series X | S

The union between Bethesda and Microsoft takes a step forward. In addition to the addition of 20 games to Xbox Game Pass, in the coming months, players with Xbox Series X and</a> Xbox Series S will be able to experience first-hand some of the titles of the publisher and developer from Maryland with a substantial increase in frames per second, thanks to the FPS Boost. of the two consoles of the house of Redmond.

As announced by Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) in the Xbox podcast of the past few hours, the titles that will enjoy this increase are Prey, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Skyrim: Special Edition, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76: let's talk about recent releases and that have characterized the modern history of Bethesda. But what does the frame-per-second boost entail? Unlike what happened in the past, players will be able to try the five titles that we have listed a little above with a 100% increase in frame rate. This means that Prey, for example, on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will run at 60 frames per second.

It is obviously not excluded that in the near future other Bethesda games cannot join the five announced titles yesterday by Major Nelson and therefore optimized in terms of frame rates for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The marriage between Bethesda and Microsoft is just starting, so we can really expect everything and more in the months to come, between which also the next projects that will remain confined only to Xbox Game Pass and the platforms that will implement its use.

You will turn on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S to be able to play the titles again in 60 frames per second or you prefer wait for the unreleased titles that will be published thanks to the historic acquisition of the Redmond house?

Xbox Series X is still sold out but if you have a 1440p monitor and you have not yet passed to the current generation, Xbox Series S is available on Amazon.

Xbox Series X | S

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