Volvo will only produce electric cars from 2030

Volvo will only produce electric cars from 2030

The decision taken by the Swedish carmaker seems to be official: from 2030, Volvo will only produce electric cars. In addition, another important news was released by the company owned by the Chinese group Geely, in fact it was announced that within the next ten years car sales could be almost entirely online, thus abandoning traditional dealerships. Therefore, the Volvo brand, in addition to saying goodbye to petrol and diesel cars, as well as hybrid ones, is preparing to face an important change that will also affect the "sales method" of the company's vehicles.

The Volvo dealerships, however, will not vanish into thin air but will become a reference point for customers as they will play a fundamental role in after-sales services and will also be the place for display and delivery of vehicles. Starting from 2030, on the official website it will be possible to proceed with the purchase of exclusively electric cars, the models of which will be available in the coming years. The policy followed by the Swedish company Volvo will therefore be based on "simplification of the offer, defined and transparent prices". Volvo Sales Manager Lex Kerssemakers spoke on the subject and said the following:

We want to offer our customers the peace of mind and ease of owning a Volvo, eliminating the complexity of purchasing and guide. Simplification and convenience are the keywords of everything we do.

The strategy that will be adopted by the Volvo company will aim to become the leader in the electric mobility sector. However, the Swedish company will have a major rival to contend with, as Jaguar will only produce electric cars by 2030. As for the novelty inherent in the sales channels, which are destined to become totally online, they have already been tested by the Chinese group Geely, an example is Polestar. Obviously, there will be some news in this regard, which will affect the offers made available to Volvo customers. Therefore, there will be service packages that will offer maintenance, warranty, roadside assistance and much more.

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