Valheim: mod adds PVP without losing loot or experience

Valheim: mod adds PVP without losing loot or experience


Every year we find ourselves in front of real videogame phenomena that seem to come out of nowhere. Last year titles like Among Us and award-winning Hades exploded, while 2021 kicked off with a very welcome surprise that has been entertaining players around the world for weeks: Valheim. The sandbox, a Viking-themed survival RPG is at the top of the charts of the best-selling and played games for weeks, so much so that recently the title has also attracted the interest of the modder community.

Not only have we already seen to a whole series of visual mods, but recently the possibility of not losing loot and experience points when fighting against other players has also been added. In fact, it happens often and willingly to fight with some players, get the worst of it and find yourself losing not only the fight, but also some experience points and a part of the equipment and loot that you owned.

Thanks to the new mod "Pfhoenix's Fight Club", it is now possible to fight inside Valheim without having to worry about finding yourself without loot. Once installed, this mod works in a simple way: players in possession of the aforementioned will be able to challenge each other without any danger of losing experience points and precious loot just collected. Once the duel is over, you are free to go back and run around the map, continuing to do what you were doing a few moments before.

As usual, this new mod for Valheim can be found on the Nexus Mod site, and for find out more details you can visit the mod page directly at this address. What do you think of all these mods for Valheim that are popping up like mushrooms? Do you like to install them or do you still prefer to play this game in a vanilla version? Tell us yours with a comment.

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How to build a Raid Proof base in Valheim: Stop raids with a simple yet effective base design

Defending a base against hostile creatures in Valheim is extremely essential, as not only will players have to defend their base for more than two minutes, but also slay the creatures in order to avert the raid.

However, due to Valheim's complex and innovative mechanics, there is an option for players to build a simple and cheap raid-proof base in Valheim. A raid-proof base will not only allow players to dodge any raids but also provide a safe haven where no hostile creature can enter.

Before getting started with the construction of a raid-proof base in Valheim, it is extremely important for players to know about a few specific mechanics of Valheim. These mechanics include:

  • Hostile creatures in Valheim can not use stairs
  • Creatures like trolls can throw gigantic chunks of rocks and stones at the player's base if they are unable to reach it; and
  • Bigger creatures like trolls have a chance of falling inside a trench if the edges of the cliff are not stable.
  • The simplest way to build a raid-proof base is by digging a massive trench in Valheim using a pickaxe. This trench should cover a fair amount of area and must be at least five-walls deep. Once the players have managed to dig a big enough trench, they should start off by leveling the ground inside the trench for construction.

    A Draugr in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)

    A Draugr in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)A Draugr in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)

    Once the ground has been flattened, players should begin the construction of their base at the center of the trench. This would grant the base with additional protection against projectiles hurled by hostile creatures during a raid. Additionally, players are advised to construct a simple and cost-efficient structure simply to withstand raids.

    If a troll falls off the cliff and into the trench, the player can simply escape by climbing out of the trench using stairs, whereas the troll will be stuck inside the trench, free to destroy the constructed base. If that situation does arise, players will need to dig another trench to build a raid-proof base in Valheim.


    Trolls in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)

    Trolls in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)Trolls in Valheim (Image via Iron Gate Studios)

    Additionally, there are various raid types in Valheim that will stop happening once the player manages to beat a certain boss. Here's a list of all the raids that can be stopped after defeating a specific boss in Valheim.

  • Forest Creature raid - Stops after defeating Eikthyr,
  • Greydwarf raid - Stops after defeating the Elder,
  • Swamp raid - Stops after defeating Bonemass,
  • Drake raid - Stops after defeating Moder; and
  • Fuling raid - Stops after defeating Yagluth, the final boss.
  • Apart from these, players can also happen to run into Troll, Skeleton, Blob, Sutling, or Wolf raids once they have defeated specific bosses in Valheim.

    Given the threats that are always lurking in the Viking-themed realm, building a raid-proof base in Valheim is definitely worth all the effort and time.

    Published 02 Mar 2021, 20:52 IST
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