Trust announces its two new premium gaming chairs

Trust announces its two new premium gaming chairs

In the increasingly vast and varied catalog of Trust products, we can find choices suitable for anyone who approaches the world of gaming. Among the hardware and accessories offered to anyone who has loved this medium for several years, there has always been ample space for all those who have only recently been approaching video games. Just recently, two new gaming chairs have been announced capable of giving greater choice to all those who do not just play, but who want to do it in comfort.

The first gaming chair is the Trust GXT 716 Rizza LED RGB, a comfortable chair illuminated by a sophisticated RGB LED compartment, with over 350 customizable lighting setups able to give the player a comfortable and immersive experience. Made starting from a resistant metal frame, the seat offers all the freedom necessary for long gaming sessions, thanks to the reclining backrest and the presence of a class 4 gas lifting mechanism. Finally, the provision of lumbar and cervical supports avoids the excessive overload of the areas typically stressed while sitting.

To accompany this product, Trust has also announced the GXT 705C Ryon chair. Trust has created a comfortable and supportive design, through the use of a special high-density foam, finished in a pleasant synthetic leather in polyurethane with a camouflage texture, as padding for the seat and armrests. In addition to this, the Ryon chair offers maximum adjustment possibilities: it is possible, in fact, to rotate the seat in any direction and change the inclination of the backrest, to always find the right position. As with the previous chair, here too the height adjustment is ensured by a high-quality class 4 gas lifting mechanism.

We are talking about two gaming chairs which, as emphasized by the Trust itself, are configured as premium products. If you need to accompany your gaming sessions, but not only, with a high quality chair these two new choices are perfect for you.

You can accompany the gaming chairs with these Trust hardware: GXT mouse 950 Idon and GXT 845 Tural keyboard.