Toyota's doubts about the Apple Car project

Toyota's doubts about the Apple Car project

Building phones, tablets and computers is one thing, marketing a car is another: in a nutshell, this is the perplexity expressed by Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, regarding the long-term feasibility of the Apple Car project. He has returned to talk about it with insistence in the last period following the appearance on the Net of new rumors. According to the rumors leaked, among the partners of Cupertino there could be Kia, Hyundai and Canoo.

Apple Car: the word to the President of Toyota

It is good to specify that from the bitten apple for at the moment there have been no confirmations (or denials) regarding the initiative. The rumors that have emerged refer in any case to a production phase that could start already by 2024.

Everything points in the direction of a 100% electric vehicle with a high technology content: it is not to exclude the provision of some form of autonomous driving. These are the words of Toyoda collected by the editors of the Wall Street Journal.

Anyone can build a car if they have the technical skills, but once done I hope they realize they have to prepare to respond to customers and to the various changes for 40 years.

Apple's intention, however, does not seem to be to do it all by itself. Any partnership with an established automaker would allow the Cupertino group to guarantee an adequate after-sales service, up to expectations and the brand, leveraging the already operational network of centers and the experience of already trained personnel.

Source: The Wall Street Journal