Suez Canal: the misadventure becomes a video game

Suez Canal: the misadventure becomes a video game

Suez Canal

For some days now, as you well know, a merchant ship has been stuck in the Suez Canal. A decidedly important damage, considering that in that small space of land millions of goods pass and that there is currently a traffic jam of decidedly oversized ships. The story immediately went around the world and between memes and rather serious discussions a real mini game also appeared, created by Eric Wilder and available on

Called Suez Bulldozer Game, it is in reality of a realistic and dramatic representation of reality in 8-bit sauce. The minigame puts us in the shoes of the bulldozer in charge of moving a merchant ship of several tons and on which the trade of various multinationals, such as Ducati and Heineken, weighs. Obviously, there is no victory situation: however much we can try to press the "action" button, the bulldozer will obviously not be able to disengage the boat, exactly as it happens in reality. To be able to try this experience, all you have to do is reach this address.

Suez Bulldozer Game was created with graphics that recall the first Pokémon games for the Game Boy. From the style of the images to the music and the only text box present, it really seems to relive the first moments of the past with the videogame revival of Ash Ketchum. All obviously seasoned with the satire that is enveloping the absurd story that now dominates the front pages of the world news.

Irony aside, the real elephant in the Suez Canal room is definitely the economic damage to businesses and consumers. Especially for those who are still looking for video cards, processors but also cars and much more consumables. A situation which is already particularly unstable due to the pandemic and which now risks prolonging even more and which obviously will further enrich the pockets of the scalpers.

It may not be a merchant but the model of the Titanic always looks good. figure: you can find it on Amazon.

New Attempts Planned to Free Huge Ship Stuck in Suez Canal

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