Sifu, new gameplay video for the kung fu game from the Future Games Show

Sifu, new gameplay video for the kung fu game from the Future Games Show


Sifu was among the games featured at the Future Games Show last night, where he returned to show himself in a new gameplay video that highlighted some other features of this particular title, all focused on fighting with kung fu and assorted martial arts. .

Sifu has been announced for the first time with a trailer from the State of Play on February 25, a new production of the SlowClap team coming to PC, PS4 and PS5</a> on a date yet to be announced but probably expected inside of 2021. This new video illustrates other gameplay situations taken from the game and allows you to deepen some aspects.

Pierre Tarno, co-founder of SlowCap, explains in the video some characteristics of Sifu: it is a story of revenge, which sees a young man search for the five killers who killed his family. These are five bosses that each represent an element between wood, fire, water, metal and earth.

This leads us to explore different environments, with characteristics that recall the different main elements of the enemies we hunt. The gameplay takes place entirely in a continuous succession of fights using the techniques of martial arts, with bare hands or with bladed weapons to be used in melee.

As can also be seen from the videos, with each death the protagonist ages , modifying its appearance, although this element apparently reaches a certain limit beyond which it is not possible to go, at least for the moment.

Sifu is shown in a new video from the Future Games Show Source

Sifu Gets New Gameplay Video Showcasing Combat, Story, Aging, And More

Look for vengeance in the upcoming kung fu combat game.


Earlier this year we got a look at an interesting new action game called Sifu. Revealed at one of Sony’s State of Plays, it showed a young man using hand to hand combat as well as melee weapons against waves of enemies, and who aged at every death. Now, from the Future Games Spring Showcase, we get to see some more alongside new information.

As provided by GamesRadar, a new video was released with Peirre Tarno, Co-Founder of developer SlowClap, breaking down some aspects of the game. We hear about the story this time, as it features a young man who is seeking out five assassins who killed his family. The five will serve as the game’s key bosses and represent Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth. As such you’ll go through five different levels and fight through waves of enemies with both hand to hand combat as well a variety of melee weapons you can pick up. As seen in the reveal trailer, after each death you will age, though Tarno says there will be a limit to how old your character will get.

Sifu is set to release late this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.