Q&A Deluxe today on Twitch: Everyeye live from 3pm, leave us your questions!

Q&A Deluxe today on Twitch: Everyeye live from 3pm, leave us your questions!

Q&A Deluxe today on Twitch

Also in spring, new Tuesday means new Q&A Deluxe session on the frequencies of the Everyeye Twitch Channel, waiting to receive all your questions.

Starting today at 3:00 pm, - Tuesday 23 March - the editorial team will be available live to answer questions from the community. Between curiosities, forecasts, comments and advice, Everyeye is ready to offer two hours in company during which to discuss current events - and not - videogames. As per tradition, the agenda will be defined and marked by your questions. From now on, we therefore invite you to anticipate them to the Editors, who will then read them during today's live broadcast. To this end, as always, the comments area at the bottom of this news is at your complete disposal.

As has become tradition, the Q&A Deluxe will last for about two hours, with conclusion scheduled for 17:00. During this period of time, the topics of discussion will not be lacking, with the week marked by multiple appointments. Thursday will be the turn of the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase from 21:00, while on Friday 26 March Microsoft proposes the Xbox Indie Showcase event, dedicated to the world of independent development.

We are waiting for you therefore on the Everyeye Twitch Channel starting at 15:00. We remind you that to subscribe to the Channel simply click on the appropriate purple heart-shaped icon. In this way you can receive a notification when the broadcasts start and interact live with the editorial staff.

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