PS5 Devkit: New photos for Sony's V-shaped console prototype

PS5 Devkit: New photos for Sony's V-shaped console prototype

PS5 Devkit

In the months preceding the official presentation of the console, there were many occasions in which the images of the PlayStation 5 devkit were leaked online. What caught the attention of the players was its peculiar aesthetic aspect, and many wondered if the final design would be similar to that of the prototype.

As we all know, the console later took on a well-rounded shape different once it arrives in stores, but Twitter user Wellgamer allows us today to return to carefully observe the eccentric devkit that Sony had distributed to developers before publicly announcing its next-gen console, and which you can observe again thanks to the images shown below.

Of course, on an aesthetic level, the development kit does not present any embellishments as it is not designed for the trade, but the ventilation system with V-design managed to attract the attention of lot of . A geometric shape that could have represented a strong symbolism with the number 5 of the new PlayStation console, but Sony has finally opted for a decidedly different project at an engineering level.

Development kits are generically equipped with superior hardware components compared to those that we then find under the hood of the finished console. The platform holders distribute these preliminary consoles to developers so that they begin to familiarize themselves with new technologies several months before the next generation of gaming actually begins. Sony's development kit has intrigued gamers so much that it prompted one user in particular to create an alternative PS5 design inspired by the shapes of the devkit and the colors of the DualSense controller.

New leak might’ve finally revealed full PS5 specs and Xbox Series X specs

Sony and Microsoft have both taken an extremely measured approach when it comes to unveiling their next-gen consoles. We know that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming this holiday season, and they’ll both rock similar specs that will provide massive performance gains over their predecessors. Both devices should cost about the same prices as a result, although neither company is willing to offer buyers concrete details at this point. We also still lack complete specs sheets for the new devices and actual prices, and we have no firm release dates at this point for the PlayStation 5 or the next-gen Xbox. But you can always count on those people who have access to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X developer kits to leak plenty of information about the two consoles. Now, the newest leak offers actual specs for both devices, which means we now have near-final or even final specs for both upcoming new video game consoles.

Originating from 4chan just like most PS5 leaks so far, the new specs leak supposedly comes from a game tester who has been using the updated second version of the PS5 Devkit for a third-party studio.

We’ve always known the two consoles will feature AMD’s 7nm Zen 2 CPU and Navi RDNA GPU, but we’ve had no specifics for either model. The fact that both consoles will seemingly include solid-state drives instead of regular hard disks is also not a secret. But, again, we have no idea what speeds and capacities to expect from the SSDs.

The leak does indicate that the PS5 will have a better SSD than the Xbox when it comes to performance, but the PS5 dev kit supposedly features just 500GB of flash memory. A previous leak said the dev kit had 1TB of storage space. The new leak also suggests the PS5 has more RAM than the Series X and will deliver better overall GPU performance. The Xbox, meanwhile, will have a slightly faster processor.

Previous leaks said the Xbox Series X will outperform the PS5 when it comes to graphics, but also that Sony will beat Microsoft when it comes to memory and storage. Then again, these are all just rumors for the time being and there’s no correlation between them. Therefore, don’t get too excited or disappointed by any of the specs above until Sony and Microsoft announce the actual specs of their next-gen consoles.

It’s unclear when Sony will unveil the PS5, but it certainly won’t be this month as had been previously rumored. As for Microsoft, we expect the company to make more Series X announcements at E3 in June, an event that Sony has said it will not attend this year.

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