Outriders: Users are getting too many special weapons, modified demo

Outriders: Users are getting too many special weapons, modified demo


As most of you will know, the Outriders trial phase is currently underway. The demo of this new shooter is particularly popular, unfortunately there are some problems. In this case, incredibly, the problem is for the developers and not for the players. Demo users have in fact realized that there are a few ways to get a large amount of special loot. The developers have therefore decided to modify the demo.

You should know that the progress of the Outriders demo will also be valid for the full version of the game, which will be released on April 1, 2021. The players are therefore taking advantage of the demo to move forward and get as much loot as possible. In particular, they found a mission at world level 5 that allows you to open three chests without even fighting. By repeating again and again you can "farm" the best special weapons and equipment.

This preventive farming could damage the game balance of the full version of Outriders, so the developers - People Can Fly - have decided to change some details. The cool part is that they won't stop you from farming items in the demo, they will simply prevent you from getting epic items from chests and vendors. Side missions, however, now have the ability to donate legendary items. Basically, to get valuables you really have to play. Also, the drop rate of the enemies has not been changed. The changes are expected to be active from 4:00 pm today, March 5, 2021.

We know the demo has been played by over 2 million players, so developers can be confident of the results of D1. Finally, we remind you that you can read our article on the demo trial.

Outriders: farming is accepted up to a certain point Source

Players Are Farming The Heck Out Of The Outriders Demo, So The Devs Are Nerfing It

a person wearing a costume © Image: Square Enix

The new loot shooter Outriders hasn’t even launched yet and players are already hard at work grinding for some of its rarest gear in the game’s recent demo. According to the developers, it’s gotten so out of hand that they need to patch it to make legendary guns harder to farm, before players end up breaking the game’s progression.

“While we do not want to prevent farming runs (We get it!), the lootcave discovered via the triple chest-run, as well as the store exploit, do not feel to be within the spirit of the game,” one Outriders developers at People Can Fly (maker of Bulletstorm) wrote on the game’s subreddit. “To that end, we are redirecting farming efforts to mechanics in the game that may be more enjoyable for players to play through and repeat.”

Some of the specific changes coming in a patch to the demo slated to go live later today are as follows:

  • Epic items will no longer appear in shops and vendors (within the demo).
  • Chests will no longer drop legendary items.
  • Side quest rewards (on repeat runs) will now have a chance to drop legendary items.
  • The team stressed, however, that general drop rates for legendary weapons from enemies “are NOT being changed.”

    Outriders Is Like Destiny Mixed With Heart Of Darkness

    Launched on February 25, it didn’t take long for players to flock to the Outriders demo, becoming one of the top Steam downloads of the week. They’ve made quick work of finding ways to break the game’s loot system as well, including discovering its very own loot cave with a constantly respawning boss, and a three-chest run mission players could farm in mere minutes without ever needing to fight anything.

    Part of the reason players have done this is because Outriders is a genuinely fun cover-based looter shooter, but the other reason is because all of their progress from the demo will carry over to the finished game when it comes out April 1. People love to get a good head start, especially when it comes to loot games.

    In the past when exploits have been discovered in Destiny or Anthem (RIP), they’ve been patched out, in part to prolong the life of the game and keep people grinding. People Can Fly have emphatically stated that Outriders isn’t a live service game, however, though it’ll continue to support it after release. We’ll see what that means in practice once it’s finally out.

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