Outriders creatively punish cheaters

Outriders creatively punish cheaters

People Can Fly prepares for the release of Outriders. Its cooperative shooter will in fact see the light on April 1, 2021 on all platforms (and on Xbox Game Pass for the Microsoft console family) and the development team, together with Square Enix, has already taken measures against the various cheaters that have already appeared on the game servers thanks to the demo published in recent weeks.

As announced by the development team, in fact, in Outriders cheaters will not have an easy life. However, unlike other games, People Can Fly and Square Enix will not banner cheating users but will make them easily visible. The choice adopted is to place a banner of important dimensions that bears the word CHEATER. In this way, anyone who makes changes to their character or decides to use trainers or aimbots of various kinds will be easily recognizable. Not only that: even those who start the game by preventing the anti-cheat system from starting will be subject to this measure.

Not just an aesthetic change. People Can Fly has in fact provided some real penalties for those who decide to make use of cheats or gimmicks in Outriders. Obviously starting from matchmaking, which will pair the cheaters only with each other. All these measures will also be linked to the account and not just to the character of the players: it is therefore useless to start over. The development team has already warned that checks will be performed periodically on the servers, as is the case with any other online game.

Thanks to the demo, People Can Fly has already quantified how many cheaters are present in the servers. To have cheated in Outriders, according to the statistics published by the development team, it is about 200 players. Considering that the trial version is about 2 million players, at the moment the cheaters present are 0.01%. A very low number, which will certainly increase in the weeks following the launch but according to the software house it will always remain very low.

Outriders is available on Amazon (in pre-order) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and console of the Xbox family.