Nintendo Switch: update 11.4.0 coming, what are the news?

Nintendo Switch: update 11.4.0 coming, what are the news?

Nintendo Switch

Some leakers and dataminers have discovered the presence of a new update for Nintendo Switch (version 11.4.0) loaded on the servers of the Kyoto house but not yet available for download. A new firmware is coming, but what news will it introduce?

Actually, at the moment it is impossible to answer this question since there is no leaked changelog, the leak simply reveals the existence of a firmware update v11. 4.0 for Switch and Switch Lite, other information is not known.

On ResetERA there are those who wonder if this update will only fix minor bugs and optimize the operating system or if it will also include some new features, including the folders, loudly requested for years. Although functional, many consider the Nintendo Switch interface to be too sparse and the possibility of organizing games and apps in folders would certainly be appreciated by the public, but to date the company has never expressed itself on the matter.

There are also those who hypothesize that this update may be linked to the new Nintendo Switch 4K confirmed several times by Bloomberg and other economic newspapers but never announced by the Japanese house. However, it seems unlikely that the 11.4.0 firmware will debut with the new Switch, since according to rumors the console will arrive during the autumn while the update has already been loaded on the Nintendo servers.

Mario Day Nintendo Switch stock arrives at Best Buy plus plenty of deals live now

Mario Day Red and Blue Nintendo Switch in stock © Provided by TechRadar Mario Day Red and Blue Nintendo Switch in stock

Mario Day is just around the corner, so if you're looking for a new console to fully take advantage of all the upcoming Nintendo Switch deals we're seeing, you're shopping at the right time. Nintendo Switch stock levels are looking excellent today, with not only the standard Neon Red and Blue model in stock, but the latest Mario Red & Blue design has also hit the shelves of Best Buy. 

That means you'll find the recently released special edition for its regular $299.99 MSRP today. The special edition launched to celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary, so what better day to offer up a new wave of stock than the day before Mario Day itself?

However, you'll also find the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch in stock for $299.99 at Best Buy right now, alongside the standard launch Neon Red / Blue colorway as well. We'd move fast on all of this Nintendo Switch stock, however, as shortages over the last year have led to these consoles flying off the shelves. 

That's not all though, because we're seeing Mario Day deals scoring big discounts on Nintendo Switch games and accessories as well. Save over $20 on a massive range of Mario's best titles at Walmart, or score a Pro Controller for just $59 this week (was $69.99).

Not in the US? Scroll down for more Nintendo Switch deals in your region.

a close up of a device © Provided by TechRadar

Mario Red & Blue Nintendo Switch: $299.99 at Best Buy Best Buy currently has stock of the recently released Mario Red & Blue Nintendo Switch edition. That's excellent news for anyone on the look out for the rare console, especially considering we've been seeing some pretty inflated prices where stock has been short lately.

More Mario Day Nintendo Switch stocka close up of a box © Provided by TechRadar

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition: $299.99 at Best Buy If you're after the more relaxed vibe of the Animal Crossing Edition, you'll also find stock at Best Buy ahead of Mario Day. We'd move just as fast on this one, though, as it's usually snapped up pretty quickly.

calendar © Provided by TechRadar

Nintendo Switch Neon Red / Blue: $299.99 at Best Buy The more traditional Neon Red / Blue Nintendo Switch is also up for grabs this week, so if you're just looking for that classic experience you'll find consoles on the shelves at Best Buy.

More Mario Day dealsa close up of a toy © Provided by TechRadar

Super Mario Odyssey: $59.99 $38.88 at Walmart Super Mario Odyssey launched with the Nintendo Switch console back in 2017, but that price point has held tight ever since. This $20 discount at Walmart is a real rarity then, so we wouldn't expect it to last past these Mario Day deals.

graphical user interface, application © Provided by TechRadar

Luigi's Mansion 3: $59.99 $38.88 at Walmart It's Luigi's turn to take centre stage, as Walmart has discounted Luigi's Mansion down to just $38.88. That's an excellent price for a game that is still usually found at MSRP, and especially good value if you're looking for some multi-player action as well.

graphical user interface © Provided by TechRadar

Super Mario Maker 2: $59.99 $38.88 at Walmart If you think you could do a better job that Nintendo itself, prove it. Super Mario Maker 2 is down to $38.88 in Walmart's Nintendo Switch deals this week, and offers an infinite number of Mario levels to create and play. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is recommended here, though.

calendar © Provided by TechRadar

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: $59.99 $49.94 at Walmart Mario Kart 8 Deluxe may feel like an older game, but try telling its price tag that. We usually see this classic title up for its regular MSRP, however you can save a rare $10 in the latest Mario Day sales at Walmart.

a close up of a box © Provided by TechRadar

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: $49.98 $38.88 at Walmart If you're just looking for some classic sidescrolling platformer action, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is also taking part in Walmart's Mario Day Nintendo Switch deals. You're getting a revamped version of the original Wii U title and plenty of included DLC as well.

graphical user interface, application © Provided by TechRadar

Yoshi's Crafted World: $59.99 $38.88 at Walmart Yoshi's Crafted World is often forgotten about in Nintendo Switch game deals, but if you're after a 3D platformer with an extra dimension of challenge you're in for a treat. Plus, you can save over $20 at Walmart right now.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $69.99 $59 at Walmart If, however, you prefer a more traditional docked experience, the Switch Pro Controller is available for $10 less than its usual $69.99 price in Walmart's Mario Day deals. That's excellent value for a more comfortable gamepad that still makes good use of the motion control and rumble functions.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Red / Blue: $79 $69 at Walmart You can save $10 across a range of Joy-Con colorways at Walmart right now. Whether you're opting for the traditional Neon Red and Blue or going for something a little different with the offers just below, this rare discount isn't one to be missed by collectors. 

Neon Pink / Green: $79 $69 | Neon Purple / Orange: $79 $69 | Gray: $79 $69

© Provided by TechRadar

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: $99.99 $84.38 at Walmart Many of us have already had our fill of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe seeing as it was released nearly four years ago. A new AR spin on the classic game, then, couldn't have come at a better time. Build your Mario Kart race track and then use the RC car to race your way around - and all for just $84.38 at Walmart.

We're also bringing you all the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles, and the very best cheap Nintendo Switch game deals as well. If you're looking for a more traditional docked gaming mode though, check out the latest Pro Controller deals.