New Total charging stations in Italy, Energica Motors was chosen

New Total charging stations in Italy, Energica Motors was chosen

New Total charging stations in Italy

One of the most effective ways to help the spread of electric mobility is undoubtedly to develop a charging infrastructure that is reliable, cheap, and above all widely spread: we are still a long way from this goal, but several realities are moving in the right direction. . This is the case of Total Italia and Energica Motor, the first which represents the 4th international group as regards fuels and gas, and the second which is undoubtedly the most advanced and consolidated Italian brand as regards the production of motorcycles. electric.

These two important companies have just signed an agreement that provides for the installation of 11 charging stations at 22 kW at the company's production site, located in the province of Modena: these columns will be made available to all employees and those who visit the headquarters for various reasons, in order to give a further boost to the diffusion of Energica motorcycles. Obviously this is only the first step in a long series, it will take more than 11 columns to convince Italian and world motorcyclists that this alternative also exists.

“Thanks to Total Italia, who chose us for the first installation of Total columns on the territory, from today our production site can boast a further innovative milestone. To make an industrial sector like ours grow, several factors are needed: technology, innovation, financing and infrastructure. We at Energica have always believed in the right combination of all these elements, in order to grow and bring our products all over the world. " These are the words of Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor.

Following the installation of the columns, a commercial plan will be created dedicated to the diffusion of wallboxes - which will be sold through the network of dealers and official importers (there are already some, even very active ones, in different parts of the world) to allow customers to recharge their Energica motorcycles more comfortably at home.

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