Haunted Space: announced the all-Italian space shooter for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Haunted Space: announced the all-Italian space shooter for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Haunted Space

The reveal trailer of Haunted Space, an interesting space simulator developed and published by Italian teams, arrived by surprise during the Future Game Show.

The title is in fact under development at Italian Games Factory and will be distributed by Merge Games . As you can read on the official Steam page of the game, it is a single-player space simulator that mixes horror elements with other sci-fi and offers an open world to be explored. During the adventure we will be able to face both other spaceships (among which we can see some organic ones) and monstrous alien creatures and grab precious materials with which to build upgrades for our ship. Also according to the official description of the game, it will be up to the users to decide what type of control to have of the ship and thanks to the Co-Pilot it will be possible to decide whether or not to activate aids that simplify driving.

The game, in development exclusively for PC and next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, promises to support Ray Tracing in an innovative way and binaural audio, so as to offer players an immersive experience in deep space. We currently do not know what the release date of the product is and the wording 'coming soon' is reported on the Valve client.

Haunted Space Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

There's not a clear picture of what Haunted Space's gameplay will be like, but attention-oriented fans can get an idea from its Steam description and official website.

Steam describes Haunted Space as a 'story-rich adventure based on exploration, fast-paced dogfighting, trading and ship crafting, with customisable flight simulation and intense multi-stage boss battles.' The official Haunted Space website identifies these boss battles as run-ins with the Colossi, huge, supernatural creatures made of both living tissue and space junk. Frightening stuff, indeed.

Haunted Space will feature customizable gameplay with an 'innovative co-pilot system [that] allows you to choose the level of control you prefer, from a complete space simulation, through to a more arcade style experience.' The co-pilot system will also feature settings for blind and visually impaired players, making the game more accessible. Players can also choose what perspective to play Haunted Space in, even switching when convenient. Customization is key in this space horror game.

While gamers will have to wait for more information on Haunted Space, there's plenty to be excited for right now, especially that sweet guitar jam in the trailer.