Halloween Kills: New movie and new thrills coming

Halloween Kills: New movie and new thrills coming

Halloween Kills

Fans of the slasher horror series created in 1978 by John Carpenter and Debra Hill can breathe a sigh of relief. Michael Myers' terror and creeping madness will return in the fall to invade the streets of Haddonfield and cinemas.

Tasty news and rumors about Halloween Kills come right from Matichack. In fact, it seems that the events will focus this time on the entire community of Haddonfield, the fictional city in Illinois that has been the scene of Michael Myers' brutality since 1978.

The inhabitants of the town have a warmth in store welcome for their homicidal fellow citizen. Will a small handful of people be able to put a stop to Myers' ferocity in this manhunt? We just have to wait until October 15th to see if the expectations are maintained. Certainly, the premises for healthy entertainment and more than a thrill in the armchair seem to be there.

The release of the film on the big screen is confirmed on October 15, 2021. In the control room we find David Gordon Green, already responsible for the previous version of Halloween, released in 2018. Eleventh version in chronological order in the history of the franchise, the 2018 film is actually the first piece of an ideal trilogy composed of Halloween Kills (2021) and from Halloween Ends (2022).

Despite the delay in the release, the entire crew of the film has always been convinced of the need to enjoy the terror orchestrated by Green for lovers of genre slasher. The power of vision, the impact of the staging and the sound deserved the unique atmosphere of the room and that they will have, even if a year later.

Jamie Lee Curtis will once again play the role of Laurie Strode and she will not be the only one. To face the madness hidden behind the iconic mask worn by Michael Myers, we also find Andy Matichack, actress born in 1994 who plays Allison Nelson, Laurie's niece.

Waiting for the arrival of Halloween Kills in Italian cinemas , you can retrieve the previous chapter of the Michael Myers saga by clicking here. An excellent refresher to dive into the horror created 40 years ago by John Carpenter.

Halloween Kills Star Hints At A 'Next Level' Michael Myers In The Sequel

Published: Mar. 22. 2021 4:54 PM

Countless projects were delayed last year, as studios held out hope of making a box office draw. The horror genre was no exception, as David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills was pushed back a full year. And while fans patiently wait to see the next chapter in the saga, one star is teasing Michael Myers' revenge in the slasher.

2018's Halloween was a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 original, with Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode. The movie was focused on Laurie's trauma and how it strained her family relationships. Actress Andi Matichak played her granddaughter Allyson, and she'll be reprising her role in Halloween Kills. And it sounds like the next encounter with The Shape will be even more deadly, as she teased:

It is… a movie that I think fans will be very happy with. It’s big, and it’s bad, and it’s mean. And we see Michael… I think Laurie, Allyson and Karen pissed him off a little bit, by locking him in the basement, because his retaliation is next level.

Well, color me intrigued. Michael Myers has always been a terrifying presence on the big screen, but it sounds like he's going to be especially pissed off in Halloween Kills. And the people of Haddonfield better buckle up for his next rampage through the town.

Andi Matichak's comments come from her recent appearance on the podcast The Boo Crew. Matichak did a deep dive into her appearance in the 2018 Halloween movie, before vaguely teasing the events of David Gordon Green's next installment to his trilogy: Halloween Kills. While not revealing anything about the movie's contents, this bit about a pissed off Michael Myers is sure to excite moviegoers.

As she mentions, Laurie's family managed to do a number on Michael Myers in the last Halloween movie's final battle. Being shot, stabbed, and trapped in a burning building seemingly didn't do wonders for The Shape's disposition. And he'll be facing an entire town of enemies in Halloween Kills.

While 2018's Halloween was focused on Laurie Strode, it's been teased that Halloween Kills will make Haddonfield a character itself. Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that the sequel will unpack the events of John Carpenter's original, and will see the town form an angry mob to take on Michael. A number of actors from the 1978 Halloween will be reprising their roles, including Real Housewife Kyle Richards.

After Halloween Kills, David Gordon Green's trilogy will come to an end with Halloween Ends the following year. Since this is a three-movie arc, it should be interesting to see what his plans for the first sequel is. The filmmaker will have the opportunity to plant new narrative seeds, or even end on a wild cliffhanger. Only time will tell.

Halloween Kills is currently set to arrive in theaters on October 15. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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