Fortnite X Kratos and Master Chief: the protagonists of Halo and God of War are back available

Fortnite X Kratos and Master Chief: the protagonists of Halo and God of War are back available

Fortnite X Kratos and Master Chief

Players active in Epic Games' battle royale can finally take advantage of the arrival of the Ant-Man skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale, but the Marvel superhero is not the only recent addition to the title.

After a long time absence, the Fortnite store returns to host Halo and God of War themed content as well. Welcomed several months ago, Kratos and Master Chief make their way once again on the game island, including skins with dedicated special weapons. Specifically, interested players can take advantage of the availability of different content:

Kratos Bundle: sold for 2,200 V-Buck, includes the Ghost of Sparta skin, accompanied by the decorative back consisting of the talking head of the trusty Mimir , the Leviathan's ax and the Guardian's shield hang glider; Master Chief Bundle: sold for 2,600 V-Buck, includes the skin dedicated to the destroyer of the Sacred Rings. In addition, there is also the UNSC Pelican hang glider, the War Legend decorative back and the Elite holographic skull; Both contents will be available in the store for an extremely limited period of time: interested players will therefore have to take advantage of them very quickly. Meanwhile, as Fortnite Season 5 is heading towards the final phase, the court clash between Apple and Epic Games now has an official date to take place in the US.

Fortnite Adds Alien's Ripley And Xenomorph, Live Now

Update: Fortnite has officially added Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph from the legendary Alien franchise. The Xenomorph can be purchase with a tail back bling and Xeno Menace emote. Ripley, meanwhile, comes with a Weyland-Yutani cat carrier and her Nostromo Crew variant outfit. Season 6 is apparently scheduled to begin very soon, as well.

One very classic sci-fi horror series could be introduced to a new generation. It appears the battle royale game Fortnite is adding new content based on the Alien. The latest 'Reality Log' broadcast points to a 'warrant officer' coming to Fortnite, and it might be Ellen Ripley.

Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films, is a warrant officer. The audio transmission jokes about everything going exactly to plan on a space ship in 1986, which is the year that Aliens came out. The narrator of the audio log keeps burping and complaining about heartburn, which is surely a reference to an alien that will burst forth from his chest at any moment.

These Reality Log broadcasts historically signal an official announcement shortly, so keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest on whatever this teaser is pointing to.

Alien would be just the latest mega-franchise to come to Fortnite in a crossover event. Just recently, Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter was added to the game, while Kratos from God of War and Master Chief from Halo were previously made available, just looking at video games alone.

Fortnite continues to grow and evolve with more challenges and things to do every week. To keep up with the latest developments, check out GameSpot's Fortnite Season 5, Week 13 Challenges Guide. The challenges will be live in the game tomorrow, and continue to tease mysteries surrounding the reality-colliding events we've seen.

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