Firefox 86.0.1 fixes bugs on Linux and Mac ARM

Firefox 86.0.1 fixes bugs on Linux and Mac ARM

Mozilla has released an update that fixes five bugs found in the latest version of the browser. Specifically, Firefox 86.0.1 includes optimizations for Linux and Apple M1-based Macs. Users can download the update from the settings or directly from the official website.

Firefox 86.0.1: fix for Linux and macOS

The most annoying bug is certainly the one detected on Linux. After installing Firefox 86 there were reports of crashes on startup. Mozilla has analyzed the problem, discovering the culprit in the browser’s incorrect implementation of color management.

The bug identified on macOS concerns the version installed on new Macs with Apple M1 processor. Firefox was no longer responding to commands after switching between two accounts or after waking up the operating system.

Three other bugs have been fixed with Firefox 86.0.1: loss of focus for windows on Windows, incorrect display of widgets on macOS and malfunctions with extensions that allow you to create groups of tabs.

Firefox 86 is one of the most important versions on the privacy front. Thanks to the Total Cookie Protection feature, it is possible to isolate the cookies of each site within "containers", thus preventing cross-site tracking during navigation. The new feature, available in Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) Restrictive Mode, works in conjunction with the super cookie protection introduced with Firefox 85.

Source: Mozilla