Final Fantasy father retires? Hironobu Sakaguchi could quit after Fantasian

Final Fantasy father retires? Hironobu Sakaguchi could quit after Fantasian

The legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi, considered the father of Final Fantasy and numerous titles that have made the history of the videogame industry in Japan, seems to be tempted to retire from the scene, with the new Fantasian that could therefore be his last game.

In a recent interview published by VGC, Sakaguchi said he has been thinking about retirement and retirement actually since before starting work on Fantasian. The idea of ​​the 58-year-old game designer is to stop active development at the forefront and perhaps accompany his Mistwalker team on upcoming projects with the role of supervisor and consultant.

In any case, he wants first finish the work on Fantasian in the best possible way, then he intends to take at least one vacation, apparently, probably dedicated to surfing, considering the great passion that the director, producer and game designer has for the board in question, despite having overcome the 50 long ago.

This makes the new Fantasian project even more interesting, which Sakaguchi has developed with Mistwalker within the Apple Arcade program, in collaboration also with Nobuo Uematsu, another great master of Square and Final Fantasy, author of memorable music. To find out more, we refer you to the trailers of the story and the particular Dimengeon feature released a few days ago by the development team, waiting to see a more complete version.

Considering the large amount of games Sakaguchi has worked, the impression is that his withdrawal may still be gradual and we imagine that the next productions of Mistwalker continue to bear the signature of the master, we'll see.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy, may retire after the launch of Fantasian Fonte