Elden Ring, rumor: the stolen trailer is not recent, the return of Patches is likely

Elden Ring, rumor: the stolen trailer is not recent, the return of Patches is likely

Elden Ring, rumor

There are now very few doubts about the veracity of the stolen Elden Ring trailer that for some reason has started circulating on the net over the last few days, allowing fans hungry for new information to witness some short gameplay sequences of the FromSoftware project.

Longqi Bangbangtang has recently returned to talk about the game, the user who a few months ago published some artwork of the game. According to the leaker's words, the off-screen footage we were able to see is not recent and would have been created in 2019 for internal use. It also seems that the narrative voice is the same as Patches The Hyena, the very bad NPC present in some way in every single game of the software house and who could therefore return once again.

The user also shared a series of information on characters and settings. First of all it would seem that the giant tree we are talking about does not have the purpose of connecting the world and is hiding in one of the various kingdoms. As for the giant, it seems to be the Green Man of Celtic mythology. A background on the development is also very interesting, since according to Bangbangtang the developers would first create bosses and NPCs and then build everything else around them: this means that, just as happened with Bloodorne, the places where these characters will meet could vary. . The insider also claims that the game will hit shelves by the end of 2021 and that it has profoundly changed from what can be seen in the trailer that appeared on the net.

Did you know that someone has used an AI to improve the quality of the stolen Elden Ring trailer?

New Reports Are Swirling About A Leaked ‘Elden Ring’ Trailer

Elden Ring

Credit: From Software

Elden Ring has become one of those games—a sort of temporary Half-Life 3, the game everyone wants to see at every show but that always seems to elude it. Just the other day, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg shot down a rumor that we’d be seeing it at an upcoming show, but now there are once again reports circulating that we might see it soon, and these seem credible.

A recent report from Andy Robinson at VGC says that there is a trailer out there being circulated online, and that he has seen it. VGC couldn’t post the trailer due to legal reasons, but you can read a description at the link. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier echoed the legitimacy of the leak, saying that it was tangible evidence that we’d see something about the game soon.

I don’t expect this game to be Half-Life 3 by a long shot. It was first revealed in 2019, and while that is a long time ago from a certain perspective, we’ve all seen projects stuck in hell for much longer than that, and there’s no reason to think that this is going to be some decade-long project. From Software has historically had a remarkably quick cadence for a developer with an auteur reputation, which has led to this wait feeling exceptionally long. But we are far from despair territory, and my guess is that we’re going to see an update sometime around not-E3 in the summer, or maybe sooner.

With all this stuff—Elden Ring, Breath of the Wild 2, God of War Ragnarok or whatever, it’s important to keep one important thing in mind: we are in the middle of a crippling pandemic of historic, Earth-shattering proportions, and this does affect video games, as well. The transition to work-from-home has affected all studios differently, but it has likely affected large projects more. So it’s worth assuming that everything is delayed, even if we had never heard a release date in the past.

The VGC report suggests that From has indeed struggled with COVID-19-relaed disruptions, just like we all have. So who knows: maybe it was once scheduled to come out in Holiday 2020, or maybe even earlier. That’s looking less likely at this point, just like it is for a lot of games. We didn’t really see the impact of COVID-19 as much last year, because we were seeing the release of projects primarily developed before the crisis settled in. This is the year when the chickens come home to roost, however, as we’ve already seen from a ton of delays. And we’re going to see more.

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