Elden Ring: Jason Schreier saw the stolen video, two images leaked but they are fake

Elden Ring: Jason Schreier saw the stolen video, two images leaked but they are fake

Elden Ring

A VGC report confirms the existence of a video of Elden Ring stolen and spread on the web, the video is circulating on private groups and channels, two very low resolution off-screen screenshots have also been extracted from this clip.

The trailer exists and Jason Schreier also confirms it, who is however rather cautious on Twitter, inviting us to wait for the arrival of official material: "the video I saw is out of focus, taken from an angle and is only a clip from a larger video. I don't think it's a bad idea to wait to see something official. "

Update: the images are fake, the first is an artwork spread on ArtStation and modified to the occasion while the provenance of the second screenshot was not disclosed but various insiders have branded it as non-original. Original news follows.

Two screenshots from the stolen Elden Ring trailer are also circulating on Twitter, these have been deleted several times and later republished by other profiles. The first shows a character armed with a sword (whose presence was also confirmed by Video Game Chronicle) while the second image shows a detail of a setting, a statue near a wall, even if the shot is rather confusing.

The video lasts 3:41 minutes according to what reported on Reddit, and the launch window also seems to have been leaked: Elden Ring would be scheduled for autumn 2021 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, next-gen version coming soon to March 2022.

At the moment, in any case, we invite you to take what is reported with the due precautions pending confirmation or denial by Bandai Namco or FromSoftware.

Report: Elden Ring Has Pages

a person wearing a costume © Screenshot: Bandai Namco

Fans of Elden Ring, the joint collaboration between Dark Souls maker FromSoftware and Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin, have been desperate for confirmation that the game is still real and will eventually come out. It now sounds like they have an answer: according to a new report by VGC, trailer footage of the game exists and has been circulating among various groups online.

“The video, which has been seen by VGC but cannot be shared for legal reasons, is labelled as ‘Bandai Namco confidential’ and shows a significant amount of off-screen footage, from what appears to be a planned gameplay trailer for the From Software title,” the site writes. “I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring,” a narrator reportedly says during the trailer. “I suppose you can’t be talked into turning back. Very well then!”

According to VGC, the leaked footage shows an “open environment,” Dark Souls-style combat, and a dragon. None of this tells us much about what Elden Ring will be, but it does prove that, unlike the conclusion of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, the next FromSoftware game does in fact have pages. While VGC does not specify where exactly the leaked trailer is circulating, fans on the game’s subreddit are already furiously searching for it.

This tweet appears to contain some of the footage. Meanwhile, user justsomerandomsir has shared this three second clip of a dragon breathing fire on Reddit, which appears to also be from the leak. In it a warrior on horseback can be seen with the Homing Soulmass spell from Dark Souls cast.

Originally revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2019 showcase, VGC and others report that Elden Ring has been subject to multiple delays as the development team, like many others, struggles with work from home conditions during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

The rumor mill had been hard at work in the absence of hard news about a potential release date for the game and when it would re-emerge from its post-reveal slumber. An entire cottage industry has cropped up around Elden Ring speculation, with one gaming news site recently suggesting it would make an appearance at a Microsoft event in March, only for the head of Xbox marketing, Aaron Greenberg, to quote-tweet the article saying “this is not happening.” As PC Gamer’s Morgan Park put it, “inventing Elden Ring news is its own business.”

Still, it sounds like plans for the game to re-appear are in the works. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb both said last week they expected the game to be shown again soon.

Additional reporting by Ian Walker.

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