Does the PS5 have DisplayPort and how does it differ from HDMI?

Does the PS5 have DisplayPort and how does it differ from HDMI?

We continue to talk about the technical characteristics of the new Sony console, specifically the connections to TVs and monitors. After seeing which TVs PS5 is compatible with, we want to answer a question that many (especially those who still don't have a console have a home) have asked themselves: does the PS5 have DisplayPort?

The digital video interface called DisplayPort was created by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) with the aim of replacing the VGA and DVI standards previously widespread on various display devices, especially PC monitors. Precisely for this reason it is found to a greater extent on video cards, motherboards and the latest monitors; the 1.4 specification, which has a maximum transmission speed of 32.4 Gbps (therefore comparable to the PS5's HDMI 2.1), is only available on higher-level devices.

This is a video interface that offers performance similar to the more well-known HDMI, although there are some differences: HDMI was the first to be marketed, thus spreading mainly on devices intended for large consumption such as 4K, 8K TVs and OLED screens, while DisplayPort occupied the narrower market of monitors, resulting in the best choice for gaming PCs.

The most appreciated feature, in fact, is its support for Adaptive-Sync technology (created by VESA itself), which allows you to play using the variable refresh rate of monitors up to 144 Hz, completely breaking down the latency so hated by professional gamers.

The PlayStation 5, being mainly intended for most modern televisions (among which we have identified the best TVs and monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S), is equipped exclusively with an HDMI port.