Demon's Souls: Sony releases lots of motion capture videos

Demon's Souls: Sony releases lots of motion capture videos

Demon's Souls

If the animations of the Demon's Souls remake for PlayStation 5 have left you speechless, know that the boss of the company that took care of the motion capture sessions has just published a long post on the official PlayStation blog with lots of video material. br>
The post was in fact written by Eric Jacobus, who is not only the Head of Studio of SuperAlloy Interactive but is also a stuntman with more than twenty years of experience in the sector. According to Jacobus' words, participating in the motion capture sessions of the exclusive PlayStation 5 was not only exciting, but also allowed him to rediscover some movements typical of the Japanese scene. The actor had to perform every single movement of the game not only by replicating the movements seen in the original game, but also respecting the times related to each of them to avoid that they could somehow alter the combat mechanics. In support of this information we find the many videos recorded during the Demon's Souls mocap, which allow us, for example, to observe how the racing animations with each single type of weapon and the animations related to the raising of the shield were recorded. br>
Before leaving you to the post on the official portal of the Sony console, we remind you that according to the latest rumors, the announcement of the Demon's Souls film could soon arrive.

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