Borderlands 3: three more free Golden Keys with the first code of March

Borderlands 3: three more free Golden Keys with the first code of March

Borderlands 3

Also in March 2021 a brand new SHiFT Code has arrived that allows all Borderlands 3 owners to enrich their inventory thanks to three completely free Golden Keys.

Here is the sequence of numbers and letters to be entered on the official website of the looter shooter:

CZ53T-XFXFH-5RW69-6TTB3-XS5ZW Like all the codes published in redeemed times by Gearbox Software on the various official social channels, this too will remain active for a limited period of time: users will in fact have the opportunity to redeem the code by and no later than 17:00 Italian time on Thursday 11 March 2021, after which there will no longer be any way to obtain the rewards. If multiple platforms have been connected to your SHiFT account (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Steam, Epic Games Store and Google Stadia), we remind you as always that there is the possibility to add the 'Gold free for every single account by simply redeeming the code several times and then selecting a different platform among those listed with a click.

Do not forget that in order to use the Golden Keys it is not enough to enter the code on the site or all inside the game, but you must also manually add the keys to the inventory of the Crypt Hunters: to do this you need to access the menu of the stakes and scroll down to the bottom of the long list to find the entry relating to the Golden Keys. Once you have redeemed the items, you can use them to open the large chest on Sanctuary III and find some precious loot inside.

We remind you that the first Godfall SHiFT Code was recently published, useful for obtaining a Phoenix's exclusive free skin on PC and PS5.

Borderlands Movie: Gearbox Boss Shares Production Update

If you were worried that those working on the upcoming Borderlands movie wouldn’t do enough to consult the team that worked on the video game franchise, it seems like you can now squash those worries. Based on a new message that hit social media today, it sounds like those at Gearbox Software have been very much involved in the film’s production as it continues on right now.

Mentioned on Twitter this afternoon, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said that he actually just returned from visiting the movie’s production center in Hungary. Pitchford didn’t share many details about what he saw or assisted with while he was there, but he did acknowledge that he was there for a span of multiple weeks. This information also lines up with what we have heard in the past regarding filming for the movie and how it’s set to take place in Budapest.

To celebrate the occasion, Pitchford also said that he wanted to do something nice for fans at the moment. “I just got back from a few weeks in Hungary working on the Borderlands movie and I hear you want some Golden Keys for Borderlands 3,” the company CEO said on Twitter. He then provided a new SHiFT key code for Borderlands 3 players to redeem in-game. These codes allow players to unlock new gear and are given out by Gearbox somewhat frequently.

As for the Borderlands movie itself, this week proved to bring with it more major news on the project. Just a few days back, it was announced that Tiny Tina would be appearing in the film and will be played by Ariana Greenblatt. The young actress is likely most well-known for previously portraying the child version of Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War.

There's still a lot we have left to learn about the Borderlands movie, but production on it seems to have picked up quickly in recent weeks. At this rate, we'll likely learn more about who is in the film's cast and when it will hit theaters soon enough, so stay tuned.

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