Beat Saber: update 1.38, new modes and multiplayer features

Beat Saber: update 1.38, new modes and multiplayer features

Beat Saber

Beat Games has released a new update for their VR games. We are obviously talking about Beat Saber who has now obtained the update 1.38. The innovations introduced focus on new multiplayer modes and functions, as well as a series of fixes. The introduction is dedicated to all the platforms on which the game is available.

Here are all the news of Beat Saber update 1.38:

New results screen for the multiplayer New medals after playing a multiplayer match New gameplay modifiers New UI for the main menu with new music Customizable colors for other players in multiplayer Updated the lighting system Various improvements and fixes (unspecified)

We also remind you that recently Beat Games released a new expansion for Beat Saber which includes new song packs by Linkin Park and BTS. The development team has also promised new content in the future, so fans can rest assured that there will be something new to challenge themselves with.

Beat Saber is certainly a success - the team has celebrated at the beginning of February sales of 4 million copies and 40 million tracks. Is Beat Saber also one of your favorite VR games? Or do you also have to try it?

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Beat Saber Update 1.13.4 For March 9 – Full List of New Features

March 9, 2021 12:33 PM EST

The latest Beat Saber update brings some tweaks to the UI system while fixing a number of bugs and improving the overall lighting system.

Beat Saber is surely one of the most successful VR titles in the history of the platform so far. The game uses a simple gameplay system but delivers a completely interesting and rewarding experience with high replayability. The new update gives a new look to the Results screen at the end of each Multiplayer match with some brand new badges.

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  • The developers will add a total of eleven badges to the Multiplayer section. The main menu will also feature new music after updating the game to the latest version. When playing Multiplayer, custom colors will be available for other players as well. Below, you can have a detailed look at the upcoming features with the Beat Saber update 1.13.4:

    Update 1.13.4 Patch Notes
  • New Multiplayer Results screen
  • New Badges after playing a Multiplayer match
  • New gameplay Modifiers
  • New main menu UI with new music
  • Custom colors for other players in Multiplayer
  • Updated lighting system
  • Various tweaks and fixes
  • Beat Saber Update – New Multiplayer Badges
  • Perfectionist – Full combo
  • Longest Journey – Best max combo
  • Casual Cutter – Worst max combo
  • Saber Surgeon – Best precision
  • Lumberjack – Worst precision
  • Jazz Hands – Most hand movement
  • Fencer – Least hand movement
  • Restless Slicer – Most saber movement
  • Nihilist – Least saber movement
  • No Mercy – Most good cuts
  • Air Slicer – Least good cuts
  • Beat Saber is currently available on PlayStation 4‘s PSVR and all the PC-based VR headsets, including Valve Index, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and all Oculus headsets. The game was officially launched back in 2019, receiving mostly favorable reviews from fans and multiple outlets around the world.

    Since then, the game has received various music pack bundles and post-launch expansions, growing the fun and entertaining experience of Beat Saber more and more.