Surface Pro 7 Plus: Microsoft sells SSDs

Surface Pro 7 Plus: Microsoft sells SSDs

Surface Pro 7 Plus

The new Surface Pro 7+ (Plus), announced in January, integrates a 128/256/512 GB or 1 TB SSD that can be replaced by the user. Microsoft has now announced that solid state drives can be purchased from authorized resellers in the United States (availability will be extended to other countries in the coming weeks).

Surface Pro 7 Plus: Here is the kit for SSD

In the Surface catalog there are three other models with removable SSD, namely Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Laptop Go. However, the Redmond company underlines that the new Microsoft Surface Removal SSD kit is exclusively reserved to the Surface Pro 7 Plus. You can choose all capacities, so 128/256/512 GB or 1 TB.

Companies can theoretically install a larger SSD than the original one. However, Microsoft does not recommend this because the drive has not been tested for that configuration and performance issues may occur. In reality, nothing should happen, as the SSDs are all certified for the Surface Pro 7 Plus.

Microsoft suggests having the replacement performed by a qualified professional. In any case, a detailed guide is available. The previous SSD may contain confidential data, so it is best to securely erase everything using the Surface Data Eraser tool.

Microsoft will sell the kit through authorized resellers in the United States. It is not known when it will be available in Italy, where you can buy the Surface Pro 7 Plus starting at € 1,049 (WiFi) and € 1,339 (LTE).

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft introduces Surface Pro 7 Plus specific SSD replacement kit

The Surface Pro 7+ is not the flashiest upgrade from Microsoft, but it is a device that checks a lot of boxes fans have been clamoring for from Microsoft’s flagship computer.

While retaining an arguably dated chassis, the Surface Pro 7+ adds LTE, improved graphics support, and a swappable SSD configuration. Adding to the list of pluses for the Surface Pro 7+, Microsoft is now officially offering an SSD kit for replacing the storage on its 2021 flagship tablet computer.

SSD kits consist of a single certified refurbished SSD —plus SSD screw. All volume sizes are available: 128GB, 256GB ,512GB or 1TB.  After the initial US rollout, we plan to gradually roll out the kits to all Surface regions.

Dubbed the Microsoft Surface rSSDs, the company will be offering the kit through regional resellers or Surface specialists in the US, to begin with.

The company is offering this SSD kit as a solution for enterprise-level IT Admins to swap out the SSD on a Surace Pro 7+. Belaboring the point further of how intricate the replacement process can be, Microsoft jumps through hoops to advise against casual replacements.

Does installation require a trained technician?
  • We recommend only a skilled IT technician perform the SSD replacement and while following Microsoft instructions in the Surface Pro 7+ removable SSD guide available on the Microsoft Download Center.
  • Can I upgrade Surface Pro 7+ devices by installing larger SSDs, or do I have to replace them with the same size SSD that is removed?
  • While technically possible, Microsoft strongly discourages users from installing an SSD that has not been tested for your device configuration. Microsoft takes measures to ensure product quality and tests the hardware configurations offered for sale. Installing a non-Microsoft or a Microsoft SSD of a different volume than the one provided originally may lead to reduced performance and unsupported configurations.
  • Other tidbits Microsoft offers to help with replacements is using the Surface Data Eraser tool to wipe content off the SDD that’s being erased as well as confirming that users need to use BitLocker recovery to image the replacement SSD.

    Replacement kits will come in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage capacities. Microsoft does mention that “we plan to gradually roll out the kits to all Surface regions,” despite only launching in the US for now.

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