Receipt lottery: virtual tickets

Receipt lottery: virtual tickets
In recent days, the Receipt Lottery has been launched with a purpose very similar to those of the State Cashback: to stimulate the use of electronic payment methods and to combat the phenomenon of evasion. Those who have already generated their code and presented it at the cashier in the store have started to remove the virtual tickets useful for participating in the draws.

Receipt lottery: what are virtual tickets

Confirmation comes from the Reserved Area accessible via SPID, Electronic Identity Card or National Service Card. Once authenticated, simply select "Buyer Area" (or "Merchant Area" if you belong to this category) to find a summary with information related to your personal profile: receipts, virtual tickets and drawings.

How is the number of virtual tickets generated calculated? Based on the amount of the shopping carried out as stated in the guide on the official website.

Each receipt associated with your lottery code will give you a virtual ticket for every euro spent. For example: if you spend 10 euros you will have 10 virtual tickets, if you spend 45 you will have 45 virtual tickets and so on up to a maximum of 1,000 virtual tickets for each receipt of an amount equal to or greater than 1,000 euros. If the amount spent is greater than 1 euro, any decimal figure greater than 49 cents will produce another virtual ticket.

The Reserved Area indicates the receipts issued and valid for the purposes of the initiative, cataloged day by day: a click on a specific date brings up the list with the identification code associated with each one.

By selecting them, you have access to an even more detailed card that also includes information on the merchant and on the drawings of the Receipt Lottery you are participating in. These are the prizes to be won, both for those who buy and for those who sell.