PCG quiz on Sunday: test your video game general knowledge!

PCG quiz on Sunday: test your video game general knowledge!

PCG quiz on Sunday

Do you regularly follow video game news? Do you have an opinion on all brands and genres? In short, do you really know your way around the gaming world? Then prove it here in our PCG quiz on Sunday! This is where Gordon Freeman, Super Mario, the Master Chief, Kratos and all kinds of curious facts come together. It's about old games, new games, strange hardware facts, little-known development stories and more. 15 questions, each with one correct answer - very simple! We wish you a lot of fun with puzzling or knowledge.

(function (t, e, s, n) {var o, a, c; t.SMCX = t.SMCX || [], e.getElementById ( n) || (o = e.getElementsByTagName (s), a = o [o.length-1], c = e.createElement (s), c.type = "text / javascript", c.async =! 0 , c.id = n, c.src = "https://widget.surveymonkey.com/collect/website/js/tRaiETqnLgj758hTBazgd3eX7G4cC36Ns_2Bex4aVfd3xnSMwcmJ7RYo3WrAMqHRxh., a.js.) , "script", "smcx-sdk"); Create your own user feedback survey. By the way: The internet is a great place with answers to almost all questions. However, we would advise you not to google it straight away, but just give it a go if you don't know an answer or don't know for sure. And don't forget to post how you did in the comments below this article! How many of you can do the full 15/15? Also tell us if you enjoyed the PCG quiz on Sunday and if you'd like to see more quizzes of the same type or something similar more often in the future.

You like curious facts, not just about video games? Then we recommend our podcasts The Nintendo Podcast, Games-Aktuell-Podcast, play-Podcast, buffedCast, PCGH Podcast and Heim Kino, our brand-new film and series podcast, where we regularly digress and besides the actual topics about the stranger aspects of the Gaming and chatting to the world itself. Have fun!

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