Neon White: Annapurna unveils its new fast-paced first-person action game

Neon White: Annapurna unveils its new fast-paced first-person action game

Neon White

During the Nintendo Direct event, Annapurna Interactive unveiled for the first time its new peculiar action game, Neon White. It is a very fast-paced title, in which the player will have to swap different cards on the fly to move and knock down the enemies who try to hinder him.

"Neon White is a first person action game in which you will have to face hordes of demons in heaven. As White, a carefully chosen assassin of the underworld, you must compete with other demon killers to earn a permanent place in heaven. The other killers look familiar, but ... You knew them in a previous life? "

As you can see thanks to the trailer that we reported at the opening of the news, Neon White offers a very high pace of play and seems to be characterized by an attractive anime-style aesthetic. Using the powerful Soul Cards we will be able to annihilate the demons we meet along the way, or we can choose to discard the cards in our possession to activate and take advantage of unique abilities. Developer Ben Esposito (formerly known for Donut County) challenges you to improve your time from time to time by approaching internships faster and progressively optimizing your tactics.

It seems that the game's debut doesn't is particularly distant, being expected during this year's winter season on PC and Nintendo Switch. What do you think of the new project signed by Ben Esposito? Recall that the Nintendo Direct event ended with the announcement of Splatoon 3, while there was no news regarding the sequel to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

'Neon White' is a new game for Switch and PC from the guy behind 'Donut County'


Neon White was a surprise announcement during today's Nintendo Direct livestream -- it's a stylish first-person platformer and action game about exterminating demons in a fantastical version of Heaven, and it's heading to Switch and PC this winter. That's not the most surprising part, though. It's in development by Ben Esposito, the creator of Donut County, an adorable game that serves as a love letter to Los Angeles, and OK KO! writer Ryann Shannon.

Neon White feels like a fresh approach to game development for Esposito, featuring rapid-fire mechanics and a mask-based, anime-inspired style. Players collect Soul Cards to attack enemies and perform powerful moves, and it all plays out from a lightning-fast first-person perspective. 

Neon White is available to wishlist on Steam now. It's published by Annapurna Interactive.

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