In Nightmare: Exclusive Horror Game Coming Soon to PS4

In Nightmare: Exclusive Horror Game Coming Soon to PS4
Almost two years after the unveiling of In Nightmare, the Magic Fish Studios development team has now narrowed down the release period for their upcoming horror game. Accordingly, the title will appear exclusively for PS4 this year. In addition, the makers have now also found a publisher in Maximum Games. In addition to a digital release on the PlayStation Store, the game will go on sale as a retail version.

The story of In Nightmare revolves around a boy whose nightmares come to life. As a player, you have to help the protagonist to solve various puzzles and to sneak past the ghosts of the dream world unobtrusively. So the title of Magic Fish Studios should be comparable to Little Nightmares, among other things. You can watch the trailer below.

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Source: Maximum Games

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