Halo Infinite: are the authors of Gears 5 contributing to the development?

Halo Infinite: are the authors of Gears 5 contributing to the development?

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a truly ambitious project, and as such it needs the maximum possible number of developers to work on every single aspect of the game. It is precisely for this reason that, according to the latest information leaked on the net, 343 Industries would not be the only team working on the shooter.

Some users have in fact analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of some developers of The Coalition, the software house responsible for the latest chapter of Gears of War and an integral part of the Xbox Game Studios, and have discovered that the team has been actively contributing to the development of the title starring Master Chief for more than two years. Specifically, the developers of The Coalition whose LinkedIn profiles boast the presence of Halo Infinite are two: Adam Bodden, who should have contributed to the design of the environments, and Gutierrez Mares, who seems to have worked on the visual effects. Unfortunately, there is no official information on this collaboration and it is therefore difficult to establish how important the help that the creators of Gears 5 are giving to 343 Industries. In any case, it is evident that Microsoft is making sure that all the teams belonging to the Xbox Game Studios help each other, since in the past we have already heard of how Playground Games is used to lend a hand from a technical point of view to the other studios. of development.

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Gears of War developer may have helped out with Halo Infinite

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Gears of War studio The Coalition may have contributed to the development of Halo Infinite.

As pointed out on Twitter by user bogorad222, the LinkedIn page of developer Adam Bodden, who worked as a level artist at The Coalition for two years between August 2018 and November 2020, mentions work on the upcoming Halo game. As well as listing Gears 5 and its Hivebusters DLC as 'shipped titles,' Bodden suggests that he worked on the 'announced title: Halo Infinite.'

Bodden isn't the only former Coalition developer who says they worked on the next Halo game. Hugo Gutierrez Mares, a VFX artist who worked at the Gears 5 studio from June 2017 to December 2020, said on LinkedIn that he was 'working on Halo Infinite mainly on cinematics and campaign,' having previously worked on the Gears campaign.

In terms of timing, the apparent contributions from The Coalition line up pretty nicely. Gears 5 launched in September 2019, which would potentially give those developers not tied up with DLC plenty of time to start on another project. Given that both Gears of War and Halo are Microsoft-owned, science-fiction shooters, it's not too big a stretch to suggest there would be a reasonable crossover in terms of expertise, allowing The Coalition devs to help out as Microsoft attempted to get Infinite ready for the Xbox Series X release.

That launch window didn't come together for Microsoft, so it's not clear whether The Coalition developers are still helping out with Halo - now scheduled for a release late this year - or moving back to their own studio's next project. Either way, it's interesting to see that Microsoft was prepared to draw from its other studios to try and get its flagship franchise ready for launch.

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