Diablo 4: Huntress trailer created entirely with the game engine

Diablo 4: Huntress trailer created entirely with the game engine

Diablo 4

As is well known, this year's BlizzCon took place last weekend, at which the action RPG Diablo 4 was on the program alongside many other games. The developer studio Blizzard Entertainment introduced the slayer as a new character class with the help of an imposing trailer. What many fans did not know until now: The trailer was not created with a separate technology, but with the help of the actual game engine.

Art Director John Mueller said this in a BlizzCon interview with PCGamesN magazine betray. According to him, the Diablo 4 engine is capable of much more than the team needs for the actual content of the game. He himself was very surprised at what the animation teams can do to her.

"This is something we didn't really communicate openly. But yeah, it was our game engine that did the Slayer announcement Trailer. (...) Obviously, Blizzard has a long history of cinematic experiences like hooking up. In all honesty, they (the Cinematics team) do things with our engine that I didn't know I did they do it. We don't do a lot of those things in the game. But like the stretchy skin over the hook? I had to ask Doug (Alexander, animation director at Blizzard) how they did it because that's really cool. "

How did you like the BlizzCon announcement trailer? Did you notice that this is the game engine? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PCGamesN

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