Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro unveiled? Some features go beyond Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro unveiled? Some features go beyond Mi 11
During the presentation 4 days ago, no space was given to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, a smartphone that should have raised some key features of the new Mi 11. The device was not present, so much so that some users began to think that the Chinese company did not have it ready or that it did not intend to pair it with the "standard model".

Well, a few hours ago it emerged in network a post that incorporates a photo of the possible new Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. He is portrayed in two colors: a bright blue and a reflective silver. While Mi 11 is available from today, the Pro version should only be unveiled in February.

The key features we mentioned are definitely those related to the camera, with the Pro model being equipped with an extra sensor compared to the Mi 11. But obviously it does not end here because the 120X logo stands on the main sensor, the one which was also equipped with the Mi 10 Ultra in the previous generation. There will be an optical Zoom therefore, which when it can no longer intervene, will give space to the Zoom that will reach up to 120X.

The display should be the same as the Mi 11 with an OLED technology, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and an acceptable curvature on the sides. Not like the extreme one reached by the first render of Huawei P50 Pro. Obviously it will be a super top with Snapdragon 888 and versions with 128/256 GB of internal memory with 8/12 GB of RAM. The fingerprint sensor, below the panel, will also be able to monitor the heart rate with the special software installed by Xiaomi.

The battery should also be the same as the Mi 11 and charging will also be present here via cable at 55 W and 50 W via wireless charging. These two features will be achieved with a charger that can be purchased separately as, as you know, this accessory has been removed from the package.

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