Skyrim is now playable in local co-op thanks to these mods

Skyrim is now playable in local co-op thanks to these mods

Skyrim COOP mod

Skyrim after more than nine years is still one of the favorite and most played games by TES fans around the world, especially on PC. Obviously the merit is also of the mods that allow you to experience the Bethesda adventure in ever new ways. In this respect, through a couple of mods it is now possible to play Skyrim in local co-op on the same screen.

Nucleus co-op, a mod that transforms multiplayer games into splitscreen titles, is now compatible with Skyrim Together, a mod that allows you to play the RPG in online co-op. By combining them it is therefore possible to transform the online game into a local game and experience the adventures of the Dragonborn together with a second person on the same computer.

In the Reddit post that you can find at the bottom, there is a quick tutorial explaining that first of all you need to install The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and the Skyrim Together mod via Harbor launcher. Next you need to download Nucleus and follow a series of steps. The first comment on Reddit includes links to guides and all the information you need.

Obviously you have to expect some glitches and bugs - this is new and not perfect yet, but certainly many fans are not will look forward to putting the local co-op to the test with Skyrim.

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