Fortnite season 5: Predator, where to find and how to beat the new boss

Fortnite season 5: Predator, where to find and how to beat the new boss
The Fortnite update brought a lot of new things this morning. Among them, we find in particular a new object, but also a new boss that we had been teased in the past week via a short video on the social networks of the game: Predator.

Where to find Predator?

But while you might think that Predator would only be a skin in the game, it turns out that he is also a boss! To be able to find it, you will have to go to Sthealty Stronghold which is in the northwest part of the map.

Once there, the game is just beginning since you will have to get your hands on Predator and things may get complicated knowing that it has the ability to become invisible. You will therefore have to strain your ears to hear it move. But also know that if you pass your viewfinder on it, even invisible, it will change color.

How to kill him?

Once you manage to find him, avoid melee combat at all costs. Indeed, it has the ability to run very fast and will inflict 20 damage to you per melee claw strike thereafter. In addition, he has a lot of shield.

According to our estimates, he has 100 HP and on top of that about 900 shield! Therefore, focus on ranged combat, especially with assault rifles. Once you defeat him, you can collect Predator's optical camouflage from him.

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