Firefox 85 blocks supercookies and removes Flash

Firefox 85 blocks supercookies and removes Flash
Mozilla has announced the availability of Firefox 85 for Windows, macOS and Linux. The new version of the browser removes support for Adobe's Flash Player plugin, as has already been done by Google with Chrome and by Microsoft with Edge. The most interesting news is undoubtedly the supercookie block.

Firefox 85 improves privacy and security

Mozilla said goodbye to Flash about two months ago. Now it's time to say goodbye to the plugin that has caused several security issues over the years. After installing Firefox 85 it will no longer be possible to enable support in the settings.

As regards user privacy, the new version of the browser blocks tracking by supercookies. This type of cookie collects information while browsing from one site to another and is more difficult to delete, as they use the browser's caching mechanism.

Like all browsers, Firefox also shares resources between sites. web to reduce loading time. For example, an image used in multiple sites is loaded from the network when the user visits the first site and from the local cache when they visit the next site. These shared resources are exploited for tracking through an identifier associated with the user. To avoid this, Firefox 85 uses different caches for each website.

Network connection partitioning is applied to all third party resources and all types of caches (HTTP, images, favicons, HSTS, OCSP, stylesheets, fonts, DNS, HTTP authentication, Alt-Svc and TLS certificates). According to the tests carried out by Mozilla, the impact on loading times is minimal.

Source: Mozilla