Dark Deity conquers Kickstarter: launch window for the indie inspired by Fire Emblem

Dark Deity conquers Kickstarter: launch window for the indie inspired by Fire Emblem
A new production signed by an independent team has successfully appeared on the pages of Kickstarter: the Dark Deity designed by Charles Moore is about to become reality.

Officially presented with the gameplay trailer that you can find directly at the opening of this news, the strategic RPG is in the pipeline on PC. The official launch window of Dark Deity places the game's debut in the spring of 2021, with a few months to separate production from debut. With almost 2,400 supporters, for about 75,000 euros raised, the title brings to mind the aesthetics and mechanics of the Fire Emblem series, which found space on the Nintendo Switch with the popular Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Dark Deity is structured in 28 chapters, in which players will find themselves at the helm of valiant heroes, in a land tormented by wars and the search for an arcane source of power. By placing your units along a grid structure, you will have to win the victory in structured clashes in a turn-based combat system. In the world of Terrazael, there are as many as 30 playable characters, each with their own backgrounds, unique abilities and personalities. The evolution of the relationships between the latter will be a central element, with over 400 unique conversations capable of having an effect on the dynamics of gameplay. To outline the arsenal available to the fighters, we find weapons and spells, but also magical artifacts that generate particular effects on the wearer.

Waiting to learn the precise launch date of the game, the Dark Deity Steam page is already available. At the moment, the release is confirmed only on PC, but the authors aim to bring the game also on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

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