Cashback, but not always: here are the authorized channels

Cashback, but not always: here are the authorized channels
Those who intend to aspire to state cashback in 2021 will have to learn the concept of “Affiliated Acquirer“. Only payments made with these instruments, in fact, can be considered valid for cashback purposes. When making a purchase, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of payment used, because to maximize the advantage it is necessary to ensure that it is adopted by the merchant and, at the same time, that it has an agreement in place with PagoPA.

Cashback, pay attention to affiliated acquirers

This is the definition provided by PagoPA itself in the FAQ of the service:

The Affiliated Acquirer is the person who has concluded an agreement with the '' Merchant for the use of electronic payment instruments through physical acceptance devices and who has signed an agreement with the company PagoPA SpA - the company appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the development and management of the technological platform underlying the program - to participate in the Cashback.

These are the acquirers affiliated on 12/24/2020, but it is advisable to check the list for updates over time to verify if new instruments have been added to the list:

List of acquirers affiliated with PagoPA

This detail, not always clear to everyone, is was upstream of the transactions skipped in December, when for example payments with ATMs without going through the chip were often and willingly conveyed on the Maestro channel which (to date) is not yet active.

Participating in State cashback is a trivial operation in itself, but you need to make the basic elements of the tool your own and be fully aware of what happens during the entire process. Only in this way will it be possible to maximize the benefits of the program.