Cashback also with Google Pay and Apple Pay: can it be?

Cashback also with Google Pay and Apple Pay: can it be?
Many have asked for it and it will soon be possible to do so: pay for your purchases in stores with Google Pay or Apple Pay and accrue the State Cashback. It is currently not allowed, but it will be soon. When? Hard to say, at best within the next few days or weeks. An update of the IO application will almost certainly be needed.

Google Pay and Apple Pay for Cashback (coming soon)

Among the FAQs of the official website dedicated to Cashback, in the section concerning the methods supported payment systems, there is a precise reference to "other payment systems, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay (on the IO app starting from 2021)".

Opening IO, entering the Wallet section and trying to add a payment method, the item "Apps and digital tools" is currently labeled as "incoming".

Within the Google Pay and Apple applications Pay also does not seem in any way possible to activate the adhesion to the initiative as it happens instead with those of the affiliated issuers, therefore it does not remain than wait. You will almost certainly have to wait for the release of an update for IO, as the message that appears by pressing “Apps and digital payment tools” announces.

An upcoming version of IO will also make this payment method available.

To date, the official IO portal does not report the two payment methods as supported, but the latest update dates back to December 15, 2020.

Same speech for PayPal and Samsung Pay, two other payment methods that are currently not compatible with the app.

In summary: when will it be possible to accrue a 10% refund on in-store purchases using Google Pay or Apple Pay? Impossible today to say for sure, but almost certainly during Phase 2 of the Cashback that started in recent days and which will end at the end of June. We remind you that during this second period of the initiative it is necessary to perform at least 50 transactions to be eligible for the grant.

Source: IO

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