Bridgerton is among the most watched series ever on Netflix

Bridgerton is among the most watched series ever on Netflix
Netflix's 2021 begins by celebrating the numbers with which it closed 2020 and, spoilers, they are not bad especially considering the new releases. In fact, according to the data published by the streaming giant, the new romantic series Bridgerton (of which you can read our review), is about to become yet another great success of Netflix and the Shondaland universe, the production house whose owner is Shonda Rhimes, who became famous, among other things, for the creation of Grey's Anatomy.

According to the data collected by the platform, Bridgertone in just the first 28 days of publication in the catalog could be seen by about 63 million subscribers worldwide. Currently the series, which debuted on December 26, is stable in the first place of the Italian Top Ten and in other 76 countries where the platform is present all over the world. In addition, Netflix also stated that the week of December 25-31 recorded a record in the number of hours viewed and average hours for every single subscriber who watched Bridgerton.

However, we must consider that the data released from Netflix they take into account a not indifferent detail: everything is counted based on the number of subscribers who have seen at least 2 minutes of that particular content. Of those 63 million subscribers, many have barely seen the first few minutes of the first episode. This is important to underline not to detract from Bridgerton's success, but to specify how Netflix analyzes it.

In any case, the 63 million subscribers who in the first 28 days of publication could see Bridgerton bring Bridgerton to the fifth place of the most viewed original TV series since 2019, or since the streaming platform has changed methodology of data calculation going from 70% of a program to the aforementioned 2 minutes. The Witcher still remains in the lead with 76 million, in second place the fourth season of La Casa di Carta is not shaken by an inch and then we find Tiger King, the revelation series of 2020, with 64 million spectators tied with The Queen of Chess. By the way: here are our best TV series of 2020.

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