Assange: no to extradition, he risks suicide

Assange: no to extradition, he risks suicide
No to the request for extradition to the United States for Julian Assange as he is considered to be at risk of suicide. This is what the British judge Vanessa Baraitser established while acknowledging the validity of some of the accusations against her: the work carried out went beyond that of a journalist and cannot be considered legitimate by appealing to the freedom of the press since the person concerned would have invited Americans to join US intelligence and then disseminate confidential information.

Julian Assange will not be extradited to the US

Confirmation has already arrived from Washington that it will appeal against the decision to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. This will inevitably lengthen the process. He turned 49 in July and is now in London's Her Majesty Prison Belmarsh. Below is an excerpt from the court document in translated form.

I recognize there are references in the papers that indicate a much improved mood and a lighter spirit, but the general impression is that of a depressed and sometimes desperate, sincerely fearful for his future. For all these reasons, I believe that the risk Mr. Assange could commit suicide in the event of an extradition order is substantial.

The founding of WikiLeaks dates back to 2006, but the portal only made headlines four years later later in conjunction with the publication of confidential documents concerning US military operations in the territories of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Guantánamo prison camp. Contents that, according to the accusation, were delivered to Assange by countries hostile to the US, starting with Russia.

In the autumn of 2018 she passed the baton to Kristinn Hrafnsson, former spokesperson for the organization from 2010 to 2016. Only a few months ago, new charges were brought against her by the Department of Justice: among them the recruitment of hackers belonging to the Anonymous and LulzSec groups.

Source: Judiciary of England and Wales (PDF)