Among Us is the most copied game of 2020, clones and fakes are popping up everywhere

Among Us is the most copied game of 2020, clones and fakes are popping up everywhere
Among Us is certainly the most copied game of 2020. It almost seems appropriate, given that we are talking about a video game where you have to unmask the impostor in the midst of a group of real astronauts. Among Us was the most copied not only for the great success it achieved, but also because it is on balance a very simple game both in terms of structure and mechanics. Recreating complex works with a unique design is very difficult, but copying Among Us is actually very easy.

As proof of this, there are tons of games that have shamelessly copied it, without even trying to hide the thing. Think for example of the Chinese hit "Werewolves Among Us" for mobile devices. Then there is Killer: Infected One of Us which for some time was very simply called Among Us 3D. There is also the ambiguous Imposter Inside Us. In addition, there are also games that have yet to come out, such as Pretend.

Epic Games has also released Spies Come Us, a Fortnite timed mode that copies Among Us in every detail. Free giveaways were also born on, such as Among Us Story Mode (formerly known as "Among Us but Single Player") which explored the universe of Among Us by creating context and plot for it.

There are also multiple copies of Among Us also on the App Store, such as "Murder Us" which "allows you to play online with 3-10 players while you fix a spaceship to win, but be careful because among the players there are one or two killers who won't stop until they've killed everyone. " That's right, this is also identical to Among Us.

Obviously there are no particular reasons to opt for copy games and not the original one, considering that it has a huge and very active world community. Finally, we point out that Among Us has gone over half a billion players in one month, it is the most played ever.